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Santa Cruz, CA

Vikram Baliga, Postdoctoral Research Fellow at the University of British Columbia. Areas of research: morphology, ecology, ontogeny, and phylogenetic comparative methods.


Beneath the Waterline

Hello There!

Vikram Baliga

Thanks for your readership! Today is "Day One" for my adventures in blogging. Having successfully survived one term of my graduate career thus far, I figured I'd try my hand at using this format to update friends, family and colleagues of my progress here at UC Santa Cruz. Hopefully my writing will help make the scientific process more tangible to my readers (you!) and help demystify the aura of the "Ivory Tower".

I have a few goals in mind for this blog. In writing I hope to show:

  1. What graduate student life is like
  2. How the general process of scientific research works
  3. How I collect data
  4. What my studies have found!