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Santa Cruz, CA

Functional morphologist and evolutionary biologist



Bicolor cleaner wrasse (cleared & stained)

Bicolor cleaner wrasse (cleared & stained)

Anna's hummingbird

Anna's hummingbird

Welcome to my personal site. I am an evolutionary biologist and functional morphologist.

Unresolved form-function relationships not only provide some of the most interesting challenges to overcome in comparative biology, but they also reveal that our understanding of what underlies biodiversity is incomplete.

I am drawn to questions of how vertebrates integrate (often numerous) musculoskeletal components to perform behaviors, and how these form-function relationships, placed in ecological context, have influenced vertebrate evolution. I like to start with focused, mechanistic studies that answer questions about kinematic, physiological, and neuromuscular control of behavior. What I learn from these studies then informs broader, comparative investigations of how ecology and evolution shape organismal design.

For more, check out my Research page.

I attained my Ph.D. in Ecology & Evolutionary Biology in 2016 at the University of California, Santa Cruz. My doctoral advisor was Rita Mehta, with whom I continued in a short stint as a postdoc. I am now a Postdoctoral Research Fellow in the Zoology Department at the University of British Columbia, working with Doug Altshuler.

In my spare time, I also enjoy reading about mythology, shooting photos, and watching NBA basketball. I'd undoubtedly beat you in a James Harden look-alike contest.

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ORCID: 0000-0002-9367-8974

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ResearcherID: H-1546-2013